Hasonchem is one of the leading quartz, GP, putty resin manufacturers in the country. We manufacture a wide range of resins for different industries. We have a huge and sprawling infrastructural unit that helps us to make high quality products at a quick pace. We have installed all the highly advanced and cutting-edge technology and tools to make sure that we are able to manufacture latest products for our clients. Our ultra-modern facilities are perfectly build to help us make premium quality products. There is a high demand of putty resin India and across the world, therefore, we make sure that we deliver high quality resin to fulfill the needs of the clients in various locations.

Features Of Hasonchem’s Putty Resin India:

  • Hasonchem’s unsaturated putty resin is a top quality product.
  • We have special quality measures in place to constantly manufacture high quality products for the customers.
  • We keep evolving our quality procedures to improve the products.
  • Our team makes sure that the resins successfully passes multiple quality checks before reaching the client.
  • We are regarded as one of the leading putty resin manufacturers in the country, because we constantly deliver high-quality products to the clients
  • Our putty resin is highly durable.
  • We make a wide range of resins for different purposes.
  • We have a modern facility to make the resins.
  • Our experts use the latest techniques to manufacture products.
  • We have the capability and caliber to deliver a high volume of products at a quick pace.
  • Hasonchem’s main priority is our customer, thus we make sure that we deliver as per the customer’s requirements.
  • We are open to offer customized solutions as well.

Hasonchem has been in the resin manufacturing market since quite some time, therefore, we have gathered the experience to manufacture products as per the market demands. If you would like to know more about our products or services, please feel free to contact our team.