Hasonchem was established with the motive to provide world-class resins to the customers. We manufacture a wide range of resins, including GP resin, engineered stone resin, Orthophthalate solid surface resin etc. We have partnered with several vendors who have helped us become one of the leading solid surface resin manufacturers in the country. We have been offering several products in diverse specifications. Additionally, we make sure that we manufacture products in a stipulated time period. The quality of our products is also utmost, we make sure that we make resins that last long. Thus, as per the applications, the resins are bought by a wide range of different vendors.

Orthophthalate solid surface resin is product with medium viscosity and reactivity. Additionally, it is not pre-accelerated, and at the same time, it is non-thixotropic. It is based on the Orthophthalate acid and is considered a UV stabilized unsaturated polyester resin. The resin is used extensively for the non-gel coated solid surface casting. Also, it might be used in the clear casting applications. The resins moderate cure profile as well as tremendous air release property makes it suitable for several applications.

Listed below are a few of the top features of Orthophthalate solid surface resin:

  • Orthophthalate resin manufactured by one of the topmost solid surface resin manufacturers of the country has tremendous physical properties.
  • The resin has superb water and weather resistance.
  • Also, the resin is known for its exceptional thermal and shock resistance.
  • Several solid surface products are made using this resin. Therefore, the products have tremendous dimensionally stability along with high gloss.
  • Orthophthalate solid surface resin has several thermoformable applications.

Being one of the topmost solid surface resin manufacturers, we make high quality Orthophthalate solid surface resin for the clients. The resin is used for several purposes, therefore, it is high in demand. Therefore, we have been making a high volume of several varieties of resins for various clients. We can also plan the production of resins as per the customized demands of different companies. If you would like to know more about Orthophthalate solid surface resin or any other variety of resin that we make, please contact us. Our team will be happy to answer all your questions and guide you to buy the most suitable products for your company’s or industry’s specific needs.