Hasonchem is a prime manufacturer of a wide range of resins, including GP resins. We offer finest quality GP resin, toy rein, polyester resin, FRP resin, unsaturated polyester resin, GP resin and several other resins. GP resin is also known as general purpose resin. And, as per the name, it is used extensively in several industries for general purposes. The resin is used in several industries for a plenty of reasons. We make sure that GP resins that we manufacture for the industrial resin are very effective. Also, as one of the leading GP resin manufacturers in the country, we believe in catering to the demands of the customers.

Features of GP Resin Manufacturers

Being one of the leading GP resin manufacturers in India, we make high quality resin for several industrial applications.

  • Our GP resin is extremely durable and reliable.
  • We have several quality controls to make sure that the resins are of the top quality.
  • Our cutting-edge production unit enables us to make high-quality resin at a quick pace.
  • We offer several varieties of resins to our clients.
  • Our team makes several plans to improve the quality of the resin.
  • We keep innovating our product range and strategies.
  • Our products are available at affordable prices.

GP resin is mostly stored in a closed container. It is generally kept away from direct sunlight and also, from heat. The general temperature that is needed to store the resin is around 25 °C. The shelf life of the GP resin is almost 3 months. Starting from the date of manufacturing, the resins could stay fine for about 3 months, however, it has to be stored in the required conditions. As we are known as one of the prime GP resin manufacturers India, we have the right infrastructure to safely store the resins. Therefore our resins are extremely durable and reliable.

GP resin is one of the most popular variety of the resins as they have a plenty of applications. Therefore, it is mostly in high demand. Thus, we manufacture resin in large quantities for the clients. We can also plan production based on the specific needs of the clients. GP resin has a plenty of uses, if you want to know more about our GP resin or any other variety of resin that we manufacture, please contact our team of experts.