Hasonchem has been recognized as one of leading DMC & SMC resin manufacturers because of a plenty of reasons. We have been constantly making a wide range of good quality resins for the clients. Our company has a lot of experience in making DMC & SMC resins. The resins are available in an extensive range of grades. The grade of the resin defines its strength as well its use and purpose. As, for different purposes, different types of resins might be needed.

Hasonchem manufactures a wide variety of resins, including the DMC and SMC resins. Some of the resins are extremely effective, whereas some resins might be comparatively less impactful. However, some of the resins are specifically manufactured for the DMC and SMC applications. A wide variety of SMC and DMC resins are available for several different applications starting from the mechanical, electrical to thermal applications. The DMC and SMC resins made by Hasonchem, one of the topmost DMC & SMS resin manufacturers in the country are preferred by multiple industries.

Features and applications of the DMC and SMC resins

SMC resin is one of the most used resin. It is extremely reactive and has medium viscosity. Additionally, SMC resin has relatively higher heat distribution. Also, they are known as unsaturated polyester resins. The resin is particularly manufactured for the quick line speed sheet molding impregnation. SMC resin has tremendous catalyzed stability. At the same time, the sheet has superb glass wet- out characteristics because of the resin. Therefore, the makers can expect good mechanical as well as electrical properties.

Reasons to buy resins from Hasonchem, one of the leading DMC & SMC resin manufacturers of the country:

  • We prepare resins for specific requirements.
  • Our resins are meant to deliver as per the customer expectations.
  • We procure good quality raw material to make high quality resins for the clients.
  • We have been making a wide range of resins for different type of industries.
  • Our prices are very competitive.
  • We use latest techniques and cutting-edge technology to make resins.
  • We have a quality team that ensures that the quality of the resin is up to the mark.

Listed above are a few of the top reasons to choose Hasonchem for buying high quality resins. If you would like to know more about our product range, please feel free to explore the site. Additionally, please feel free to contact Hasonchem’s team anytime.