Resins are used in different industries for a wide range of purposes. Hasonchem has been making an extensive variety of resins for different uses. We also make high quality clear cast polyester resin which is specifically used for certain things. This variety of resin is not only used in industries, but it even has some generic uses. For example, it is perfect for casting amazing resin jewelry. The resin is also used for encasing and embedding objects. Therefore, in many factories, polyester resin is used to coasters, paperweights, artificial jewelry, showpieces, magnets, and a plenty of decorative items.

Here’re some of the features of Hasonchem’s clear cast polyester resin:

  • The prime quality of the resin is that it has strong adhesive properties, therefore, it is used to stick objects very strongly. .
  • Clear cast polyester resin is 100% waterproof.
  • The resin sets up at a great pace. Therefore, if you want to embed objects in several layers, you can do that without much hassle. .
  • Clear cast polyester resin is extremely easy to use.
  • It can easily self-level itself.
  • The resin also resists scratches, yellowness and even stains.
  • Polyester resin has low viscosity.
  • It is compatible even with a wide range of colorants, including dyes.
  • The resin offers an ultra-clear and almost a smooth, glass-like finish.

Clear cast polyester resin, as the name explains is a water clear resin. Therefore, this resin is used for embedding a plenty of products. Additionally, the resin is easy to apply and UV resistant. It is even resistant to shrinkage. Clear casting becomes extremely easy and convenient with the clear cast polyester resin. The resin offers a superb finishing.

It is extensively used to embed objects like, LEDs, electronic components etc. However, in many places, it is even used for creative purposes. These are just a few of the uses of the polyester resin. Apart from the uses listed here and above as well, there are several more reasons to use it. Although, it is extremely important to make sure that you buy the resin from one of the leading clear cast resin manufacturers. As, only when you purchase the resin from a leading manufacturer the chances of getting most benefits from the resin are higher.

Here’re a few of the reasons of buying from Hasonchem:

Our focus on quality

We make sure that the quality of the resin or any other product that you purchase from us is utmost. We have an in-house team of quality experts that leave no stone unturned to ensure make only the best quality products for the customers. Also, we make sure that our products undergo several quality checks to fulfill all the quality parameters before reaching to the customers.

Wide variety

We manufacture a wide variety of products. If you want to buy multiple products for your different commercial needs, you can definitely explore our website to know more.

Clear cast polyester resin has several uses, but it is important to understand how to effectively use the resin. Please feel free to contact our team to know about this or any other products.