Button resin is used by many companies in the world. We, at Hasonchem has intensive experience of making high quality button resin in India, therefore, we are regarded as one of the topmost button resin manufacturers of the country. The resin is used for making a wide variety of abrasive materials. Therefore, the quality of the resin has to be superb and it needs to have superb binding strength. Button resin in India is manufactured as per the set standards and guidelines. Therefore, the resins pass all the required quality tests before reaching the end user. We offer the resin in a variety of packagings, dependent on the needs of the clients.

Being one of the prime button resin manufacturers in the country, we have been providing a wide variety of unsaturated polyester resins to a wide variety of clients. We have an experienced team that leaves no stone unturned to make high quality resin for the customers. The resin is manufactured under expert supervision. Our team uses prime quality chemicals as well as several other materials to make button resin in India. We have an advanced, and well-equipped manufacturing set up to manufacture button resin in India.

Therefore, our resins are known extensively for their superb purity. Button resins are used primarily for making buttons. The process used for making the buttons is centrifugal casting techniques. Additionally, we make sure that our resins pass several quality controllers before reaching the clients. Also, our resins are very competitively priced, therefore, they are ideal for a wide range of purposes.

Features Of Hasonchem’s Button Resins India:

  • Tremendous viscosity
  • Extremely flexible
  • Optimized curing
  • Highly reliable
  • Superb binding strength
  • Manufactured using cutting-edge technology

If you would like to know more about button resins or any other resin that we manufacture, please contact us. Our team will answer all your queries so that you get a better clarity on buying the best quality resins.